CODE 2 ConversionS

The Last Facebook Ads Course Marketers Need to Finally Breakthrough with Lasting Growth in their Ad Results with Less Wasted Budget.

I’ll give it to you straight:

It doesn’t matter if you have a ‘no-brainer’ offer for your market…

…are a genius when it comes to ad optimization and targeting strategies…

…have a funnel and email follow-up that’s proven to convert well on other platforms…

…or even have a skilled graphics designer or video-grapher for your ad creatives.

No matter what you do, if your ad copy fails to engage and pre-qualify your prospect with the correct message…

…then getting your ads in front of the highest quality users that Facebook has to offer for your business…

…will be a endless ‘uphill battle’ and every shot at optimization and scaling will be a total flop.

Problem is most ‘household names’ that carry lots of clout in the Facebook ads space…

…are teaching people that it’s ‘best practice’ to keep their ad copy and videos ‘short and sweet’…

…because they mistakenly believe that no one these days has the ‘attention span’ to commit to long-form content on social media.

When frankly what this actually does is…

…it limits the advertisers ‘pre-qualifying power’ to control the type of user that Facebook learns to show their ads to…

…thereby yielding a ‘mis-trained’ Pixel that blows ad spend on unqualified audiences.

So if the key to getting lasting results on Facebook involves longer copy that pre-qualifies people with the right ‘context’, then you’re probably thinking:

“How in the world do I hold someone’s attention long enough to pre-qualify them without losing the click?”

Michael Masterson, one of the world’s best copywriters, describes it best:

“…persuading someone doesn’t have to feel like brain surgery. All it really means is that as copywriters…

…we must recognize our first job is to win over the prospect’s heart.

Once we do that, then the rest of our job – winning over his mind – is relatively easy.”

Here’s how ‘Code 2 Conversions’ accomplishes this all in just ONE ad:

– Naturally engages your prospect’s attention with a headline that ‘channels’ their biggest desire, pain, and challenge/belief…

…while ‘repelling’ unqualified people at the same time.

– Wins your prospects heart with a ‘lead-in’ that ‘empathizes’ with their most common painful scenario.

– Illustrates your solution as THE viable option to their problem…

…by walking through the unique benefits and features of your offer that ‘transcend’ the competition.

– Converts prospects before they even realize they’re ‘being sold’…

…by naturally hitting all the ‘logical decision-making triggers’ that must happen in their minds before they can convert.

The best part is Facebook’s algorithm actually favors our long copy ad formula:

– With more qualified people spending more time consuming your ad…

…Facebook sees this as a ‘good user experience’ and rewards you with:

– Lower ad costs across the board (CPMs & CPAs, etc.)

– Less wasted ad spend on unqualified people and instead more efficient spend on highly-qualified people

– Priority placement in the ad auction going to highly-qualified people that convert 2X-5X higher.

COurse Curriculum

Module 1: The ‘Social Rules of Engagement’ ($499 Value)

  • 18 rules on how to translate ads to the “Language” of Facebook to ensure you’re signaling to the algorithm that you’re giving a ‘good user experience’.
  • You’ll be able to:
    • Speak the Language of Facebook so your ad ‘Blends in to Stand Out’
    • Avoid the Biggest Mistakes people make in their headlines that attracts the wrong people
    • Attract 2X-5X more qualified Facebook Users to click on your ads

Module 2: Audience Engagement Formulas ($499 Value)

  • 22 Headline Formulas on how to ‘engage’ your ideal prospect with the right Below Creative and Above Creative Headlines at the right Awareness Level.
  • Access our:
    • ‘UPSYD Deep Dive’ that walks you through on how to identify your audience’s “Awareness Level” so that your ad’s message engages the right quality of lead/buyer that you want.
    • The “Crucial Headline Elements” that must be present in your headline for each Awareness Level
    • Proven List of 22 Headlines Formulas for each “Awareness Level”
    • Specific Formulas for ‘Below Creative’ as well as ‘Above Text’ Headlines
    • Learn the ‘psychology of why headlines work’

Module 3: Proven Ad Formulas & Templates ($999 Value)

  • Create Ad Copy in Minutes using our “Fill in the blank” ad templates that we use every day in our Agency to get high conversions for our clients like our…
    • Client Getting “Rainmaker” Ad Template for generating highly qualified leads day-in-day-out
    • Webinar Invite “Better Way” Ad Template for pre-filling your webinar with highly qualified registrants.
    • Direct to Sale “Solution-Aware” Ad Template for sending qualified prospects directly to your sales message. 
    • ‘105% NNS Framework’ that’s proven to 2X-5X conversion rates.
    • Offer Analysis Worksheet  that ensures your ad contains all the decision making triggers for prospects to opt-in/buy.
    • ‘Ideal Customer Formula’ that helps identify the messaging elements you need in your ad to attract qualified prospects.

Module 4: The E.P.I.C. Story Formula ($999 Value)

  • How to Use the EPIC Story Formula to ‘create qualified prospects out of thin air’
    • Go into ‘blue ocean’ markets and create buyers on demand
    • Sell with a story before your prospect even knows they’re being sold.
    • Target niches that are generally considered ‘out of reach’ and convert them.
    • Use our ‘Credible Witness Story’ Template to establish instant credibility and authority in your market.

Module 5: Tested Video Formulas & Ad Templates ($999 Value)

  • How to follow our video ad formula & outlines to create high-converting video ads for our clients including our:
    • What You Need to Know” Video Outline
    • Absolute Proof” Video Outline
    • Cart-Filler” Video Outline
    • Anyone Can Do This” Video Outline
    • What NOT to do in your video (The silent killer of videos)
  • Plus Video & Text Ad Combinations that compliment each other

Module 6: Optimization & Troubleshooting ($999 Value)

  • How to read the ad metrics that matter so you can adjust to the right strategy and scale your ads at the right time…
  • You’ll be able to:
    • Use “The NNS Complete Ad Creation Process” for testing ads
    • Use our “NNS Troubleshooting Checklist” that diagnoses ad issues automatically so you know how to ‘pivot on the fly’
    • Understand the concept of ‘click ratios’ that lets you pinpoint where your ad copy is losing your audience and how to fix your copy.

Bonus #1: “Conversion2Conversions” Facebook Group (Priceless)

  • Have the ability to get feedback from ‘informed’ members who understand what you are looking to accomplish
  • You’re going to be able to:
    • Post your ads inside the group to get feedback and coaching
    • Crowd-source your ad copy from ads that are proven to work
    • See others ads and know you are on the right track with yours

Bonus #2: Recorded Q&A Webinars for each Module ($1194 value)

  • Each module comes with a recording of our latest live Q&A session for that module along with ‘hot-seats’
  • You’re going to be able to:
    • See every possible question asked by ‘CODE’ Members
    • Get total clarity on the teaching as well as see ad examples
    • Learn by watching feedback of other funnels and ads

Bonus #3: Empathy Map Training ($299 Value)

  • 2 ½ Hour Empathy map session that reveals how to:
    • Walk a mile in your prospects shoes to identify their biggest pain points, challenges, aspirations, and belief systems

Bonus #4: The EPIC Ad Formula Mini-Course ($297 Value)

  • The EPIC Ad Framework & EPIC Ad Cheat-Sheet for quickly identifying what you need to say in your ad to engage, pre-qualify, and convert your prospect. 
  • Recorded Sessions where we fill out the EPIC Ad Cheat-Sheet for client’s selling a ‘Recurring Subscription’ and a ‘Physical Product’
  • Analysis of EPIC Ad Examples designed for:
    • Lead Generation
    • Webinar Registrations
    • Going ‘Direct to a Sales Message’
    • Going ‘Direct to a Checkout Page’

Bonus #5: Completion Guarantee 1 Hour Ad ($800 Value)

  1. Go through the entire program
  2. Use the worksheets to create your ad
  3. Record your results
  4. Submit your results on your Application
  5. Get a one free hour review call with an Agency Specialist on our team to review your ad and provide coaching on how to optimize your ad.