After witnessing over $1.5 Million in Facebook Ad Spend…

Here’s How our Long Copy Ad Formula Rapidly Trains the Algorithm to Convert 2X-5X More Qualified Prospects Than ‘Short and Punchy’ Copy…

…with a lot less wasted ad spend.


On This Workshop We Reveal:

  1. How we leverage the Facebook algorithm the way it’s intended to be
  2. How we create buyers where there weren’t any before
  3. Why the ‘traditional lead generation’ model is dying
  4. Our proven ‘Direct to Sale’ template to make sales with
  5. Why pro copywriters are handicapped with this method

You’ll also learn the real reason behind whether video or long copy text ads work better…

Hosted By

Chris Rocheleau
CEO & Co-Founder, North Node Solutions

Matthew Epps
Co-Founder, Message to Market Match Experts
Director of Operations, North Node Solutions

The Way We Communicate On Facebook Has Evolved…

‘Gimmicks’ and amateur ‘Attention Getters’ have lost their power and any Facebook user can “smell” an ad from a mile away… You’ll discover why traditional “power words” do not work anymore and we’ll prove it on this workshop.

Discover our Agency’s Ad Copy Trade Secrets…

Trade Secret #1

How to ‘Contextually Targeting’ with Text to train the algorithm in finding qualified prospects

Trade Secret #2

The EPIC Ad Formula that gets 2X-5X ROAS for months on end because it works with the algorithm optimally

Trade Secret #3

How we ‘cast our pole’ into ‘blue ocean’ markets to create qualified prospects ‘on demand’ everyday

Clients Served Include:

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The North Node System for Writing Predictably High-Converting, Fully Scalable Facebook Ads”

*Stick ’til the end of the workshop to get our FREE ‘Direct-to-Sale’ Ad Template we use for our clients ads.*